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    Regulatory economics

    Electric service is highly regulated. Our team analyzes the performance of markets and regulations on behalf of clients, offering alternative designs to ensure efficient outcomes.

gray_supply_demand.png Wholesale, retail market design

gray_puzzle.png Integrated resource planning

gray_money.png Cost allocation

gray_org_chart.png Regulatory model and policy implementation


Blog + news + deliverables

Deliverable Priorities for interconnection process reform in New England

Deliverable Affidavit supporting adoption of NYISO-proposed marginal ELCC-based capacity accreditation method

Blog Incentivizing transmission infrastructure to facilitate a clean grid

Deliverable Affidavit arguing PJM-proposed changes to treatment of self-supply entities, specifically electric cooperatives, under MOPR revisions are just and reasonable

Deliverable Review of Efficiency Manitoba's first three-year plan


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