Price Forecasting & Market Analytics

Economic, financial and environmental evaluations are required throughout the lifecycles of energy resources. We work with clients to assess the value of their assets and to develop frameworks for making investment decisions under uncertainty.

Daymark Energy Advisors assesses resources such as utility-scale generation options, demand-side and distributed energy resources, and electric transmission and natural gas pipeline.

Our Capabilities
  • Asset Valuation
  • Technology Potential
  • Electric, Gas, and REC Price Forecasts
  • Renewable Energy Project Evaluation
  • Energy Storage
  • Hydroelectric, Fossil and Nuclear Generation
  • Distributed Energy Resources
  • Energy Efficiency
Distributed Generation Resource

Northeast, CT

SCOPE: Utilized cost-benefit analysis that resulted in realized benefits to state ratepayers, providing testimony that discussed support of continued incentives for construction of resources similar to client’s. (expert testimony)

Generating Asset Acquisition

Midcontinent South , Arkansas

SCOPE: Evaluate and provide expert testimony on a utility’s proposed acquisition of a 500 MW gas-fired facility, addressing need, procurement process, due diligence, and affiliate issues.

Energy Storage

Northeast, Massachusetts

SCOPE: As part of a larger, influential state study, estimated the impact on gross state product, employment, and income for Massachusetts from injection of energy storage technology growth into the state economy.

Grid Scale Solar Economic Evaluation

Southeast , Georgia

SCOPE: Evaluate and prepare a report on utility’s plans for four solar projects (136 MW) for cost effectiveness and the project agreements for cost risks.

Manitoba Hydropower Plan

Midcontinent North , Manitoba

SCOPE: Serve as an Independent Expert to evaluate and provide testimony on the resource planning, economic, transmission, and export contract components of a large scale hydropower development.

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Generating Asset Valuation

Northeast , New England

SCOPE: Conduct an analysis of the value of power generating stations and provide expert testimony on the market value of those assets.

Marc D. Montalvo
President, Principal Consultant
"Just a quick note to thank you for your efforts in putting together great testimony on behalf of OHA. Another example of why Daymark is my 'go-to' for consulting."

William L. Humes, Of Counsel
Oklahoma City